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Timothy Allen's photographic career spans almost 25 years during which time he has worked with many of the world's premiere media companies and publications.

Highlights include 8 years working as a broadsheet photojournalist in Fleet Street, 2 years in charge of photography on a BBC natural history blue chip documentary and the establishment of TAPSA, the Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award in 2016.

Commendations include, 6 Picture Editors Guild Awards, 19 Travel Photographer of the Year commendations including the overall title in 2013, The Pangea Award of Excellence at SIPA 2016, 2 British Press Awards nominations as Photographer of the Year and a Press Photographer’s Year Award. ‘Human Planet’ has received a host of awards including 2 BAFTAs, an Emmy and the ITB Cultural Book Prize

Allen is a judge on many international photography Awards including Travel Photographer of the Year, in which he curates his own award category.

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